The Registrar

Dr. C.K Amehoe

The Registrar of HTU

The Registrar is Dr. C.K Amehoe. The Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University and the Custodian of the University seal and provides guidance for the framework within which policies of the University are made. The Department is the hub around which the Management and Administration of the University revolve. It provides General Administrative Assistance, Secretarial, and Human Resource services. In terms of General Administrative Assistance, the Registrar and his Department, directs management and administrative functions of the Technical University.

The Registrar’s Department is responsible to the Vice Chancellor for the general administration of the Technical University. The Registrar acts as an Advisor to the  Management team of the Technical University. He also ensures the enforcement and the implementation of rules and regulations made by the Technical University Council and appropriate Technical University Boards and Committees.

The Department is structured into three main Divisions:

•    Division of General Administration;
•    Division of Academic Affairs;
•    Division of Human Resource.