About the Center (CCDE)

This is the Centre providing for research and extension services in Technical and Vocational Education in continuing and distance education. The Centre is passionate about building and facilitating accessibility of the various programmes for students whose preferred mode of accessing education is through the distance education model. The Centre also provides opportunity for students to access any of our programmes who did not gain admission into on campus programmes as a result of limited space.

As HTU is committed to training competent human resource in TVET to the highest level, it takes into consideration certain circumstances and challenges that may pose as an impediment for the acquisition of higher practical skill. To address this issue and make higher education more convenient, the Centre will aim at bring to the doorsteps of the learner, the requisite programmes that they wish to pursue. CCDE has the drive to become the most preferred centre for continuous and distance education in TVET in higher education. (Mature) adults who wish to purse and acquire practical skills from the certificate level through to the Degree level can take advantage of the Centre to study [programmes designed and facilitated by CCDE through our satellite campuses and technologies

You are therefore welcome and highly encouraged to make most of the opportunities the Centre provides to seek continuous learning and growth to improve yourself.

Vision of the Centre

To become a distinguished centre of continuing and distance education producing skilled graduates of the University in respective disciplines.


To extend most of the University’s academic programmes to the doorstep of qualified applicants (who will either prefer distance education or will otherwise not get admitted into on-campus programmes as a result of limited space) in order to produce skilled graduates in such programmes in partnership with the respective academic faculties and schools