Campus Security


The Security Unit is a para-military set –up tasked to secure lives and protect properties within the Technical University community and ensuring that there is adherence to rules and regulations with regards to movement of persons on campus.
The security performs series of activities to avert undesired events in and around the Technical University.


•    To save lives and property through effective foot and vehicular patrols.
•    Prevention and detection of crime to ensure safe environment.
•    Apprehension and prosecution of offenders.
•    Preservation of peace and order.
•    Enforcement of rules and regulations that fall under the purview of the security unit.
1.    Physical security (general security duties.)
2.    Investigations.
3.    Fire prevention.
Staff Strength

The unit has total number of 53 staff, made up of 52 males and a female. Three of its personnel graduated with higher national diploma, and two are awaiting graduation this year.

(a) Effective patrols yielded good results
(b) Attacks on students by criminals on campus especially around the bushy areas to   Adaklu hall has been mitigated.
(c) All cases reported to the unit were adequately investigated and resolved.