Welcome to Entrepreneurship and Innovation @ HTU

In response to the charge by policymakers around the world on academic institutions to push for cultures that promote entrepreneurship, business proprietorship, and new venture creation, HTU has accepted the challenge and has been pushing and promoting innovation and entrepreneurial activities in its own small way. All HTU students are offered entrepreneurship development courses for at least two semesters. HTU is also proud to set up the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer (CEIT-HTU) which also established the HTU Innovation and Business Incubator.

What we are trying to do at CEIT-HTU is to create a BIZ (Business and Innovation Zone) in Ho Technical University (HTU).  We are intently encouraging our students and staff to innovate, turn their imaginations into reality and create businesses.  We earnestly wish as many as possible of our graduates to stay in the Region and get businesses started from the BIZ.  The University also warmly welcomes other creative entrepreneurs to come and take advantage of the smart tools and support services being created in BIZ to start, manage and scale up their businesses. From the viewpoint of HTU, it is the only way the Region can develop.

The University therefore warmly welcomes creative entrepreneurs to come and take advantage of the smart tools and support services being created in the BIZ to start, manage and scale up their businesses.


Harrison Paul Adjimah

(Coordinator, CEIT-HTU)


One of the specific strategies of CEIT-HTU is to support start-ups and SMEs in the local area to take advantage of readily available technologies to make their businesses more efficient and increase sales and profitability.    It is in respect of this that we are very grateful to Skills Development Fund (SDF) for funding us to initiate the digital boost for small business projects.

The Digital Boost Project has three (3) elements:

  • An e-commerce website:, makes it easy for local businesses to start selling online.
  • Digital Boost Training and Direct support for SMEs to digitalize their business and sell online
  • A prototype Delivery System: DeliverIn-Ho, an efficient local delivery system in Ho.

HTU Market is essentially a local E-market for small businesses selling local products, trades, offers, and events, or even new products and services entering the market for the first time, connecting millions of buyers and sellers. The site would enable every business in Ho to use online shops and be able to sell to buyers locally and nationwide. On the other hand, buyers can easily see available good deals and offer to trend.

DeliverIn Ho system and app would help businesses deliver orders timeously and efficiently to `their clients. The digital boost training aspect will provide training and directly support small businesses to sell on or other secondary E-commerce sites, and on social media.


Direct Digital Support for Businesses

Embracing digital technology is more or less a must for every business. However, if you are not ready for training and Do It Yourself (DIY) now, do not worry. Our technical outreach team can help you get started by directly supporting you and managing things for you until you build the confidence or makeup time for DIY.

Contact us via or call us at 0595042126 and speak to Peter Adzor.