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The origin of the Ho Technical University goes back to 1968. It was established as a Technical Institute with the primary objective of providing pre-technical education. By 1972, the institute had made tremendous progress in upgrading of the courses offered. Consequently the pre-technical programmes gave way to courses in the Engineering and Vocational fields, e.g. Basic Engineering, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering, Building Technology and Business Education.

In 1986, the Institute became a Polytechnic. It however continued to operate as second cycle institution, until 1993 when the Polytechnic was upgraded to a fully-fledged tertiary institution by the enactment of PNDC Law 321 and charged with the responsibility of training students in the technical and vocational skills to the Higher National Diploma [HND] level. Subsequently, in 2007, Polytechnics were given the mandate  by the Polytechnics Act 745 to award their own degrees to the highest level.

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Take a tour of Ho Technical University and you will find the best university in the country. The video will take you to every place in this university.

Admission Opened

Admission  opened, apply to the best Technical University within the West African Sub-Region.
HTU,  Adanu nazu kekeli

Academic Services

Ho Technical University offers various academic services

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Higher National Diploma

Ho Technical University offers diverse categories of Higher National Diploma Programmes

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Bachelor Programmes

Ho Technical University offers diverse categories of Bachelor of Technology Programmes

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Masters Programmes

Ho Technical University offers diverse categories of Masters Degree Programmes

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