Campus Facilities
With the presence of two banks, Zenith Bank and the GCB Bank, coupled with 24/7 ATM services on campus for (Barclays Bank, Zenith Bank, GCB Bank), the Technical University community and its environs enjoy a stress free and accessible banking services throughout the year.
There is a nice outdoor food market found in the school to serve the students body and the staff on campus as well. Also there is the school cafeteria and the staff club house found on campus which provide catering services for the school community and visitors to campus alike. The various snack joints also help to serve the food need of the community.
The presence of a basketball court situated close to Adaklu Hall and a sports field situated close to the Central Hall, which doubles as a football pitch and other sporting activities pitch as well, the Technical University community has the opportunity to get away from all the academic work to exercise and to also engage in a healthy sporting competitions as well.
There are a lot of business centers located both on and around the Technical University campus to provide photocopying, printing, binding, internet services and other forms of services for the school community.
The school can boast of a very vibrant commercial area where both members and outsiders can enjoy a variety of goods and services. These include, but not limited to these, tailoring services, sales of stationery and cloth, hairdressing and barbering services among others.

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