The Technical and Vocational Education Research Centre (TVERC) has been established to serve both as a research centre for training highly competent human resource in Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) and coordinating unit for all TVET related activities of the University. The Centre seeks to establish strong collaborative relationships with international agencies, key government departments and other relevant private sector agencies in TVET skills development. 

The Centre aims to become a world-class research hub with the potential to generate a step-change in our understanding of the nature, significance and potential contribution of vocational education to individuals and the wider economy. TVERC is expected to seek for grants and other funding sources for the promotion of TVET activities in the University. TVERC is currently coordinating three projects in the University namely:

  • HTU Apprenticeship programme introduced in 2017 through the initiative of the Vice-Chancellor which has benefitted over 100 apprentices in dressmaking, plumbing, electrical/electronics, bricks laying, etc.
  • Ghana TVET Voucher sponsored Apprenticeship programme for Craft Masters and their apprentices. The programme is running in five trade areas – Dressmaking, Cosmetology, Electronic, Automotive, and Welding.
  • SDF Sponsored projects for the development of Training Modules for the training of artisans in vehicle electronic diagnostics and tailor-made Curriculum for training farmer groups in the appropriate irrigation technologies and practices.

Vision of TVERC

To become a leading centre of excellence supporting the University to offer cutting-edge technical and  vocational educational training and research.

Mission of TVERC

To provide comprehensive technical and vocation competency-based training and research support in partnership with stakeholders in the TVET sector for skills development.