Dear Colleagues,

As we begin the Second Semester of the 2016/2017 academic year, I would like to use this opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of all members of staff towards the progress of the University. Your invaluable contributions in diverse areas are highly commendable. 

Following the passage of the Technical Universities Act 2016 (Act 922) on 31st August, 2016, and subsequent conversion of the Polytechnic to a Technical University status, re-alignment of the current system in line with the traditional University system is not in doubt. Doing this effectively requires our commitment and dedication to the course of the institution and a paradigm shift in our attitude towards work. This is the only tool with which we can surmount the numerous challenges associated with our new status as a Technical University. 

As a University, our major challenges include inadequate funding, insufficient IGF to support developmental projects, inadequate infrastructural facilities for teaching and learning, staffing difficulties due to embargo on recruitment of new staff, huge overhead cost (e.g. Electricity and water bills), and dwindling numbers in student enrolment, etc. Despite these challenges, our achievements so far as a Technical University are very conspicuous to anybody who is fair in judgment.   

As members of the University Community, we are required to ensure that we remain committed to our obligations in line with the vision, mission, core values and strategic objectives of the University. As Steve Jobs admonished, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”, so I implore you to love what you do in order to deliver outstanding results for the University.  

In addition, as employees of the University, it is important that we ensure the following:

    • Placing the pride and image of the University above all other considerations in all our engagements;


    • Provision of excellent services guided by our core values and loyalty to students and stakeholders;


    • Display of high levels of professionalism in the discharge of our duties to ensure quality and swift delivery at all fronts;


    • Adoption of positive attitudes towards effective time management in the discharge of our duties;


    • Being good role models for our students, to enable our students have a memorable impression of the University during and after their studies/training;


    • Being mindful of the fact that the reputation of the University would also depend on the kind of information students and stakeholders put out. Hence, our actions and inactions account for the perceptions people would have about the University.

The Ag. Vice Chancellor and Management of the University wish to appeal to all and sundry to remain committed in the creation and maintenance of a peaceful environment for teaching and learning.  Finally, I entreat all employees to strive at all times to protect the image and integrity of the University.  

Thank you all for your commitment to duty. 




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