Conduct and Discipline


The laws of Ghana apply equally to every member of the Technical University Community and the walls of the Technical University do not protect anyone from the full application of the laws of the country.

1. All existing regulations in the Technical University are fully consistent with the laws of the land and will be enforced accordingly.

2. The Technical University shall not permit any behavior on or off campus by any member of the Technical University Community that contravenes its regulations or the laws of the land.

3. Members of the Technical University Community are expected to use the official channels of communication and to follow laid down grievance procedures.

4. For the presentation of formal petitions etc, the residence of the Vice Chancellor and other officers of the Technical University are out of bounds; all such formal negotiations should take place in the office of such officials or at designated venues.

5. In all matters of negotiation, the Officials of the Technical University shall meet only accredited representatives of recognized groups within the Technical University and arrangements reached are binding on both sides.

6. The regulations relating to DRAP (Demonstration, Rallies, Assemblies and Processions) for students should be strictly adhered to.

7. Physical assault of any kind on any individual or group of individuals by a person or persons is strictly prohibited.

8. Willful destruction of Technical University or private property or facility contravenes Technical University Rules and Regulations and will attract appropriate penalties.



The kind of environment that supports basic academic enterprise of teaching and learning must be maintained at all times. In order to enhance academic work a serene atmosphere is required on the Technical University Campus.

1. The general level of noise must be kept as low as possible. Students are therefore enjoined to avoid disrupting the calm.

2. Members of the Technical University Community and the general public are hereby reminded that noise making anywhere on the campus is prohibited at all times. This refers in particular to noise in the Halls of Residence and Academic areas from the use of radio, television sets and religious worship. In the case of the latter, places on campus designated for the purpose can be used.

3. Occasional checks would be conducted by the Campus Security to ensure compliance. However, the Dean of Students should be informed of any breach of this directive.



1. Application for permission to make general collections of money within the Hall must be to the Hall Warden/Master who shall approve collection of such money.

2. Any student who intends to seek for sponsorship from outside the Technical University must seek permission from the Dean of Students.


1. Smoking is forbidden in all public places on campus

2. Smoking is not allowed in residential rooms of students

3. Although taking of alcoholic drinks is not forbidden, drinking of alcohol in residential rooms of students, drunkenness and subsequent negative consequences thereof are prohibited.


The safe keeping and maintenance of all personal property are the responsibility of students concerned.


1. Students may not make attachment to or transfer furniture of any kind from any part of the Technical University buildings including rooms in Halls of Residence without prior written permission from the appropriate authorities.

2. Students are liable to pay for any loss or damage to furniture and fittings or equipment of any kind.

3. Students must not interfere with electrical installation in their rooms or any other part of the Technical University.


Students are expected to be decently dressed on all occasions. Bathroom slippers shall not be allowed at lectures. In addition, dressing that will unduly expose vital parts of the body shall not be tolerated.

Gowns will be worn on special occasions such as Congregations and at such other times as may be specified.


The following regulations govern the organization of excursions by students:

1. Decision of the Club or Association to undertake the trip should be taken at a general meeting of the Club/Association.

2. Permission for a Club or Association to go on excursion or educational tour should be sought from the Dean of Students through Heads of Department or Patrons and should contain the list of all those making the trip. All students making the trip should seek permission from their various Heads of Department. A written permission should reach the Dean of Students, at least, one week in advance.

3. The trip should be restricted to Technical University members of the Club or other students of the Technical University.

4. The itinerary of the trip should relate to the aims and objectives of the Club or Association.

5. There should be evidence or correspondence between the Club or Association and the institution or other establishments to be visited during the trip.

6. The means of transport must be stated in the application.


Penalties (General): The following regulations and penalties are published for the benefit of students and is also intended to help students to have peaceful stay on campus.

1. Physical Assault - Suspension plus appropriate compensation or Dismissal from the Technical University/ Going to   court for compensation.

2. Verbal Assault - Caution /Written apology/Ejection from Hall/Rustication.

3. Sexual Assault –(Rape/Defilement ) - Dismissal.

4. Sexual Harassment Caution/Written/Apology/Counseling/Dismissal/Rustication.

5. Homosexuality/Lesbianism Caution, counseling, rustication, dismissal.

6. Noise making - Caution/Written Apology/Ejection from Hall/Rustication.

7. Inconveniencing Room Mate(s) - Caution, Ejection. Suspension or Dismissal.

8. Destruction of Technical University Property - Replacement, Suspension or Dismissal.

9. Smoking in Public places  - Expulsion from public places and Caution/Suspension/Counseling.

10. Drunkenness/Drug Abuse - Rustication/Dismissal /Counseling.

11. Carrying key(s) away during holidays  - Fine based on Commercial rate of rent as well as the cost of replacing the lock where necessary

12. Stealing/Fraud - Replacement and Rustication/dismissal

13. Littering/throwing out water at unauthorized places - Replacement and Rustication/dismissal, Caution and cleaning the place/Fine and cleaning the place/Ejection.

14. Refusing to leave Room - Forced ejection from the Hall/Rustication Upon Hall Master’s Order

15. Refusing to pay Hall Dues Be given deadline for payment/Loss of residential Status

16. Extortion - Refund with  written apology/Dismissal/Rustication    

17. Embezzlement of Funds - Refund, loss of official position and disqualification, From holding any other position/suspension/dismissal

18. Perjury/Slander/Libel/Impersonation - Written apology/Suspension/Rustication/Dismissal

19. Breaking of DRAP Regulations  - Suspension/Rustication/Dismissal/

20. Disruption of Suspension Official Ceremony/Activity - rustication, dismissal

21. Sub-Letting of Room - Rustication for two semesters, loss of residential status.

22. Illegal occupancy in the halls of Residence  - Caution, fine, ejection, Rustication.

23. Removal of furniture from Lecture Halls  - To be determined by a committee.

24. Posting of posters and  Handbills at other places than on billboards  Fine between $20.00 and $50.00 shall be imposed on the culprit. The fine shall be paid in Ghana Cedis equivalence Candidates whose posters and handbills are post on unauthorized places may be disqualified.

25. Examinations malpractices - Cancellation of results, rustication, dismissal.

26. Gaining admission with fake - Outright dismissal, publication of name in the media, examinations results  hand over to the Police.



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