Office of Dean of Students


The Dean of Students is responsible for the general discipline and welfare of all students admitted into the Technical University and provides the necessary welfare support services to achieve both academic and personal success. This is done in collaboration with the following sections/units:


Guidance & Counselling

Student Housing and Residence

Student Support Services

Student Health Services

Sports and Recreation.


The office promotes an environment that encourages intellectual exchange and individual expression through orientation, mentoring, counselling and actively creates an open, welcoming and inclusive environment that nurtures and empowers all students to cultivate respect, communication and engagement with the Technical University community and the outside world.

The office also oversees implementation of Technical University rules, regulations and policies that have been enacted for the well-being of all students. As a representative of parents, the office does not compromise on discipline.


The core values of the Dean of Students Office include:


Care and concern for students needs

Student responsibility and leadership

Equal Opportunities

Moral and Academic Excellence

Environmental cleanliness

Diverse and socially responsible learning community

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