1. Students are to always check the security features of the hostel. This includes a 24 hour front desk, secured lockers and a separate lock and key for your hostel room.

2. Students are to take the location of the hostel into consideration. Enquiries should be made through the Dean of Students in order to get information on areas that are not prone to criminal activities.

3. Students are to double check the security of their lockers.

4. Students are to check underneath the locker and behind it to make sure all sides are actually secured.

5. Students are to spread their valuables out. You can avoid losing all your stuff by spreading your valuables out so that a piece of luggage doesn’t hold everything.

6. Don’t overly trust your hostel mates. Most people are completely reliable but other are not and they can take advantage of your personal possession when you run out for just a moment or to take a shower.

7. Students should familiarize themselves with the hostel of their choice. Students are to get acquainted with the layout, emergency exit and staff of the hostel. They should also look out for an evacuation plan in case of fire, flood or any other emergency.

8. Existence of a common room. Students should look out for a common room where they can socialize. This would help them to know each other and be able to identify strangers in and around the hostel.

9. Students should look out for a well ventilated rooms and a tidy Hostel environment. Absence of this would be inimical to the quality of health of students.

10. Students should look out for a well fenced Hostel with security personnel(s). This would ensure safety of their properties during their absence.

11. Students are also advised to lodge in Hostels that are certified and approved by the Technical University.

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