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- Hall of Residence

Adaklu Hall

The Adaklu Hall which is formerly known as the GETfund Hostel. Established  in October 2007 and is the single largest hostel facility in the Technical University. It is a three (3) storey building with 88 rooms, 22 kitchens, 92 toilet, 66 bathrooms, 16 fire and power rooms, 2 washing and ironing rooms, 2 porters' lodge, 8 common rooms, a Cafeteria, a salon, a supermarket and an Office for the Hall Administrators. The hall recently accommodates 352.


Acolatse - Vodzi Hall

The Adaklu Hall which is formerly known as the Central Hall offers a variety of convenient living options for students.

The Male block (Vodzi Block) and the female block (Acolatse Block) accommodate 92 and 172 respectively.



The Technical University shall from time to time establish such Halls bearing such names to be determined by the Academic Board.



The students assigned to each hall shall constitute its membership who shall be known as Junior Members, and the senior members of the Technical University assigned to such hall shall be known as ‘Fellows’. The assignment of junior members and senior members to halls shall be in accordance with precedence determined by the Academic Board. Every Senior Member shall be assigned to a Hall of residence.



Each Hall of residence shall be governed by a Hall Council which shall be responsible, subject to the law, Statutes and Regulations of the Technical University, for all matters concerning the Hall. The Hall Council shall meet once every semester.



The Hall Council shall consist of the Hall Master/Warden and not less than five (5) Senior Members and the same number of Junior Members, including the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Junior Common Room Committee.



The Officers of the Hall shall consist of the Hall Master/ Warden, Hall Administrator, Senior Hall Porter and such other Officers as the Hall Council shall decide.

a. The Hall Master/Warden shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor for a two year term subject to reappointment.

b. In the case of a vacancy in the Hall Master’s/Warden’s position, the Dean of Students shall assume oversight responsibility until a Hall Master/ Warden is appointed.




The Hall Master/ Warden shall be responsible to the Vice Chancellor for the general supervision of the affairs of the Hall. He/she shall take precedence over all Fellows and members of the Hall and shall have unrestricted right of attendance and audience at all meetings of the Hall Council in all cases not provided for by the Law, Statutes or any regulations made by the Hall. He/ She shall make such provision for good governance and welfare of the Hall as he/she may consider appropriate; subject to the approval of the Hall Council. No person shall combine the office of the Head of Hall with any other substantive Hall Office.



The Hall Master/ Warden of any Hall may be removed from office by the Vice Chancellor upon a recommendation supported by two third of the Hall Council of a special meeting convened by at least one third of the Hall Council for the purpose.

Apart from the Hall Master/ Warden, any Hall Officer may be removed from office during his tenure for sufficient cause upon a recommendation by the Hall Master/ Warden to the Council at a special meeting convened for the purpose.



Within the general framework of these Regulations and of the Constitution, Statutes and Regulations of each Hall, the Junior Members of the Halls shall be given a full scope to manage their own affairs and participate as fully as is consistent with good order and discipline in the governance and running of the Hall under the direction of the Head of the Hall.



Subject to these Regulations and the Constitution of each Hall, Junior Common Room Committee shall be established in each Hall to be elected by all Junior Members of the Hall. Candidates shall be subjected to vetting by the Hall Council.



The Quorum for meetings of the Hall bodies shall be fifty percent (50%) of the membership of the body.



The various Hall funds shall be specified as follows:

1. Hall Council Account which shall include all rents collected in the Halls and grants provided by the Technical University.

2. JCR Account which shall include all Hall dues paid by the students and sponsorship from both internal and external sources shall be paid into this account.


The Hall Master/ Warden or his/ her representative shall be a signatory to all accounts in the Hall.


Fund Raising

The Halls have the right to raise funds for their activities, but the Hall Master/ Warden should be made aware and monitor how the funds are raised and used.


Hall Accounts

All Hall funds shall be operated in a manner that does not contradict the Technical University Regulations. The JCR Accounts shall be displayed at the end of their tenure of office of the executive.


Audit of the Hall Account

The JCRC shall present to the DiVice Chancellor of Internal Audit of the Technical University, Hall Council and Dean of Students, Annual statement of its Income and Expenditure signed by the Treasurer, President and Secretary two weeks to the commencement of the End of Second Semester Examinations of each academic year. The accounts shall be displayed on the Hall Notice Boards.


All Hall funds and books or documents relating to them shall be subjected to examination and audit by the DiVice Chancellor of Internal Audit. An audit of Hall Accounts shall be carried out at least once a year by the Internal Audit. Copies of the Audit report shall be sent to the Vice Chancellor, Hall council of Hall concerned and the Dean of Students. Where anybody is dissatisfied with the audit report, the Vice Chancellor may be petitioned. The Vice Chancellor may take appropriate action where he/she is satisfied that the Petition is of merit.


Investment of Hall Funds

Any balance in the Hall Fund at the end of any academic year shall normally accumulate for the purpose of the Hall and may, with the approval of Hall Council be invested in any security within Ghana as it may decide.



1. All students shall go down (home) during vacations.

2. Students shall apply in writing for permission from the Vice Chancellor through the Dean of Students and Hall Master/Warden, to stay during vacation/holidays and shall be allowed to stay in the designated hall. Such students shall be charged the appropriate vacation residence fees.

3. All Technical University and Hall Regulations shall continue to be in force during vacation. Infringement of any of such regulations shall make a student liable to the appropriate disciplinary action.

4. Students are not permitted to leave their property behind in the halls. Any property left without permission is liable to be disposed off at the discretion of the Hall Authorities.

5. The Technical University does not accept any responsibility for students’ property. Students leaving properties behind do so at their own risk.

6. Students must keep the hall tidy at all times.



Admission to the Technical University does not automatically entitle any student to Technical University Accommodation.

Places in halls shall be allocated to students in accordance with policy determined for the purpose from time to time by the Residence Committee of the Academic Board.

1. At the beginning of each semester every student shall settle all his/her financial indebtedness (i.e school fees, SRC dues, Hall fees etc) before signing the Residence Book placed at the hall. Students whose accounts are not settled at the beginning of the Semester will not be allowed to come into residence until the accounts are fully settled.

2. Semester dates shall be announced on Technical University Notices. Students must come into residence on the first day of every semester unless special permission is granted by the Dean of Students. In cases where return is unavoidably delayed, the Registrar must be notified not later than the first day of the semester.

3. All students coming into residence at the beginning of the First Semester should first register with the Hall Administrator of their Hall and fill all the relevant forms. A student who fails to sign the Residence Book on return from holidays shall be deemed to have returned late. A student who arrives after the first two weeks of the semester without permission may be refused admission by the Hall Authorities. This is without prejudice to whatever action that shall be taken by a Faculty in case of student’s failure to register in the Faculty.

4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the halls, Library and lecture rooms as well as any other public places within the Technical University. Any student who contravenes this regulation shall be rusticated for one semester in the first instance and two semesters for the second offence. A third time offender shall be expelled from the Technical University.

5. The use of drugs is a major offence that will attract expulsion from the Technical University. Drugs in this case, shall include Indian hemp, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD or any other narcotic drug recognized as such and punishable by the laws of Ghana for the time being in force.

6. Cooking in the hall is strictly prohibited. Any student who contravenes this regulation shall be withdrawn from the Technical University. Cooking in the hall shall be done only at the place(s) provided for the purpose.

7. Sexual intercourse in the halls of residence is completely prohibited and shall be punishable by expulsion from the Hall.



1. Students are not allowed under any circumstances to bring “heavy duty” electrical appliances like Deep Freezers, Washing Machines, Fridges, Television Sets, Kettles, Stoves and Micro Wave Ovens into the halls.

2. The use of Gas Cylinders and Gas Stoves is strictly forbidden in the halls except at designated places

3. The use of combustible substances such as petrol in the Halls is forbidden.

Any student who contravenes this regulation shall be expelled from the Technical University Halls.



Students are prohibited from undertaking any commercial activity in the Halls.



1. A “squatter” is an illegal occupant of the hall.

2. A legal tenant is a student who has been granted the use of the hall, paid the appropriate fees/charges and has signed the Residence Book.

3. “Squatters” shall not be allowed in the halls. Any student caught ‘squatting’ shall be asked to pay a fee for the period he/she resided in the hall and shall be made to move out immediately.

4. Any student who condones “squatting” shall be summarily withdrawn from the hall without a refund of the hostel fees paid.

5. Sub-letting of rooms in halls of residence is strictly prohibited.



1. No student may go down before the end of semester without a written permission from the Dean of Faculty and Hall Warden/Master. Each resident student must sign-off in the Residence Book.

2. When a student has completed his programme of study in the Technical University or leaves the Technical University for any other reason, he shall obtain clearance from the Dean of Faculty/Head of Department, Librarian, Hall Warden and Finance Officer for presentation to the Dean of Students who shall issue him with a clearance certificate.

3. All students must remove their personal belongings from the Technical University’s premises before going down at the end of each semester, unless special permission to the contrary is granted by the Hall Warden. This is to allow for maintenance, fumigation and general cleaning of the halls during vacations.

4. Any personal property left without permission could be disposed off at the discretion of the Hall authorities.

5. The Technical University will not accept responsibility for any property left behind by students.

6. Students must hand over their keys to the Porters on duty when leaving their Halls; Students who fail to do so shall pay current commercial rates of the rooms as well as cost of replacement of the lock.

7. Student shall apply in writing for permission from the Vice Chancellor, through the Dean of Students, to stay during holidays/vacation and shall be allowed to stay in designated halls and rooms.

8. Students who are granted permission to stay in residence shall pay the appropriate vacation residence charges.

9. Students not granted permission for vacation residence shall leave the Halls not later than 24 hours after vacation except when an exemption is granted by the Hall Warden.



The Technical University Halls will be opened to Junior Members from 6:00 a.m to 12 midnight. From 12 midnight to 6:00 a.m, students should be within their halls/hostels except in an emergency or with permission of their Hall Warden/Master.

1. Students leaving campus overnight or travelling should sign the Exeats Book and hand over their keys to the Porter on duty.

2. Students organizing trips outside the Technical University must submit the names of all students going on such trips to their Hall Warden and the Dean of Students at least 72 hours (3-days) before they depart from campus.

3. All students on such trips should seek and obtain permission from their Heads of Department seven (7) days before the trip.



Students must not interfere with the Hall Officers (Hall Administrators, Porters, and Security Guards) in the discharge of their responsibility of controlling the flow of human traffic in and out of the Halls.

1. Visitors to the Halls are allowed during visiting hours only. A visitor to a hall, for purposes of this regulation, is a person who has not been officially assigned to the Hall as a resident student.

2. The visiting hours shall be as follows:

Mondays to Fridays – 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Saturdays, Sunday and Public Holidays 10: 00 a.m. to 12 mid-night.


    iii. Visitors to the Halls shall register with the Porter on duty, and sign-off when leaving.

    iv. Hawkers and errand–boys/girls shall not be allowed beyond the Porter’s Lodge.

     v. Students shall not be allowed to live in the Halls with their families, guests and visitors.

   vi. Students who harbor unregistered persons will be given a written warning, in the first instance only. A repeat of such offence shall be punishable by ejection from the Halls.

   vii. Visitors should not be entertained in the rooms.



Students should keep their rooms, the Hall ways, the Junior Common Rooms, the bathrooms and toilets and the general surrounding clean and tidy at all times.


- Approved Private Halls and Hostels


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