The institution started as Ho Technical Institute in 1968 and was elevated to Polytechnic Status in 1985 to run advance level courses. In 1993, the Polytechnic assumed full tertiary status with the passage of PNDC law 321 which upgraded all Polytechnics to fully fledged tertiary institutions. This implies that all past students of the institution since 1968 are potential members of the Association. During the 1968 era, the association was known as HOTOSA which later became HOPOSA in 1985, following the elevation of the Institution from Technical to Polytechnic status. However, in 1995, when the pioneer HND batch completed their programmes of study, they arranged with the Alumni representative on the Governing Council, Mr M. D. Attiehu-Dzandu to organize a conference.

At that conference, it was decided to form a new Alumni Association which will absorb all past students and the various groupings of students, viz. HOTOSA and HOPOSA.

New executives were elected from HO and Accra branches to form the pioneer National Executive Council (NEC) of the Association.

A Constitutional Committee was appointed to draft a new constitution which was promulgated in November, 1995 and was reviewed in July, 2012. This constitution thus provides the association the legal basis for its activities.



  • To organise and bring together all past students of of the erstwhile Ho Technical Institute and Ho Polytechnic
  • To foster togetherness among all past students of the institution as members of one family.
  • To orientate final year students and promote the need to contribute to the development of their Alma mater through the association after leaving the institution.
  • To provide an opportunity for the Alumni Association to promote its interest in the institution and make positive contributions towards the total development of the institution.
  •  To defend, protect and intervene in issues that negatively impact on the image of the institution, students and student groups and staff of the institution
  • To create the opportunity for a closer link between the Administration of the Institution and the Association.



Membership to the Association is categorized as:

  • Ordinary Membership: All past students of the erstwhile Ho Technical Institute and Ho Polytechnic who have done at least one academic year, whether on part-time or full-time basis and have paid their prescribed registration as well as annual subscription fees shall be ordinary members of the Association.
  • Life Membership: A life membership status shall be conferred by NEC at Congress on an ordinary member of the association who has paid a composite fee equal to or more than twenty (20) years’ subscription fee and has made substantial contribution to the development of the Association and the Polytechnic [donating a car, building offices/physical structures or scholarship awards, donation of equipment etc].
  • Honorary Membership: An honorary status shall be conferred on someone who does not qualify as Alumni but has contributed tremendously towards the development of the Polytechnic. Such a status shall be conferred by NEC at an officially organised ceremony of the Association or the Polytechnic.



The office is situated in the Alumni house on the Ho Technical University campus.


Name                                         YEAR

Mr. M. D. Attiehu-Dzandu             1995 - 1998

Mr. Edward Vorwortor                   1998 - 2003

Mr. Justice Ahorlu                        2003 - 2010

Mr. Lawrence Aziale                     2010 - 2014

Mr. Faith Deynu*                          2014 - 2015

Dr. Divine Tuinese Novieto             2015 - date


* Pursing PhD

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