Campus Chapter of HTU Alumni Association launched

The re-organisation of the Alumni front of Ho Technical University has commenced with the inauguration of the Campus Chapter of the HTU Alumni Association on Thursday, June 9, 2022.

The inaugural ceremony, which is first in the series of measures to revamp the Association, was done by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ben Q. Honyenuga at the G.M. Afeti Auditorium.

In his address, the Vice-Chancellor underscored the need for a formidable alumni association that would complement the development of the University.

He noted that, the reputation of the University lies in the impact of its alumni in the world of work, hence entreating them to be worthy Ambassadors wherever they found themselves.

"It is important to note that our reputation, nationally and globally is connected to our impact as past students of the institution. We are excelling in various field of endeavours across the world, and I am glad and proud about that."

He said, it was the vision and desire of the University Management to see rejuvenated Alumni Association, and tasked the newly inaugurated Campus Chapter to lead the charge in mobilising other alumni groupings under one umbrella.

"You are nucleus from which other chapters and branches must come from. So, get to work and rally your colleagues outside campus to join the Association," he stated.

In a remark, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Christopher Mensah urged the alumni-staff to create memorable experiences for students on campus through enhance service delivery, as future alumni.

Dr. Christopher Amehoe, the Registrar, entreated the Chapter Executives and members to be mindful of their communication and posturing towards other alumni groupings, in order not to create animosity.

'Your posturing should attract participation and involvement of non-campus chapters,' he stated, and further urged members to regularly pay their dues to facilitate activities of the Chapter.

Newly elected executives of the Chapter include, Mrs. Juliet Nugble-Nunekpeku, Chairperson; Ms. Joan Dagadu, Vice Chairperson; Mr. Lambert Atsivor, Secretary; Mrs. Patience Dzantor Ayitey, Treasurer and Ms. Louisa Addio, Organizer.

In her inaugural speech, the Chairperson expressed the resolve of the executives to build a formidable alumni front with unity of purpose toward the advancement of the of their alma mater.

She assured that the group would not be a pressure group to disrupt the progress of the University but rather a partner in its development.

Mr. Simon Avorgah, National President of HTU Alumni Association, said the opening of the Campus Chapter is a launch pad for inauguration of other chapters and branches, as part of developing the base structures of the National Association.

According to him, 'HTU Chapter is now becoming the seed that we are planting and we believe it will be the big tree that will bear fruits. In the next few weeks, we hope to inaugurate or start the process of the Ho City Chapter".

The Alumni Relations Officer of the University, Ms. Esther Baku said Management places so much premium on its alumni, hence the creation of the Alumni Relations Office to be a direct liaison between the University and various alumni groupings.

She said the Office was ready to provide necessary assistance to any alumni group which wants to do any business with the University. She urged all alumni to ensure the University is projected through the ambience of the Association and exhibit readiness to support each other and especially their alma mater.

Dr. Jennifer Adaletey, Director of External Funds said a strong alumni association is a good network for raising support for any university. She therefore encouraged all to get involved.

The inaugural ceremony was witnessed by representatives of other alumni groups outside the University.

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