VC Addresses Convocation
The Vice Chancellor of Ho Technical University, Professor Ben Quarshie Honyenuga addressed Convocation of the University for the first time as the Vice Chancellor on June 6, 2019 at the GM Afeti Auditorium.

The Registrar, Dr. Christopher Amehoe welcomed members of Convocation and duly constituted Convocation after which an opening Prayer was offered by Rev. Dr. Ing. Seth Theodore Dzokoto said an opening prayer. Dr Amehoe commended members for turning out in their numbers.

The address of the Vice Chancellor covered a wide range of pertinent issues including recent developments in the University, Successes chalked and Challenges confronting the University and the way forward.
Below is the full address of the Vice Chancellor.

Statute 47 of the Ho Technical University Statutes enjoins the Head of Institution to address Convocation at least once every Semester to brief members on the state of the University and its future. As the current head of the University, I wish to use this opportunity to shed light on some major activities over the period to define where we are currently as an institution and thereafter, indicate where the University ought to get to in the coming years.

Colleagues, the administration of the University was handed over to me as the Acting Vice-Chancellor on 1st October, 2018, after the completion of tenure by Prof. E.K. Sakyi, the former Rector/Interim Vice-Chancellor of the Institution. By 31st October, 2018, two (2) other key officers namely Mr. Kennedy K. Deh, the former Finance Officer/Interim Director of Finance and Mr. Godsway Oyiadzo, the former Internal Auditor/Interim Director of Internal Audit also exited after eight (8) years of service to the Polytechnic/University. The exit of these officers really posed managerial challenges to the administration of the University. By the grace of God and with support the Chairman and Members of the Governing Council, The Academic Board, Members of the Executive Management Committee, Deans and Directors, Heads of Department and Unit, Convocation as well as all staff, the University remained focused on attainment of its vision and mission. Thank you all. Your valuable contributions continue to encourage us.

Approval to mount five (5) four-year Direct Bachelor Programmes
Colleagues, the conversion of Ho Polytechnic to a Technical University brought about the development of new Bachelor programmes for the University. I wish to announce that we have received approval from the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) to introduce the following five (5) four-year direct Bachelor of Technology programmes at Ho Technical University.

  • Bachelor of Technology in Information Communication Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology in Food Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology in Tourism, Leisure and Events Management
  • Bachelor of Technology in Fashion Design and Textiles
  • Bachelor of Technology in Hospitality Management.

Just like Oliver Twist, we look forward to receiving approval for the introduction of other equally relevant programmes to enhance our capacity to deliver on our mission to provide skills training and career focused education to the highest level possible and to contribute to the developmental needs of our nation and the world at large.

The approval to run these programmes call for attitudinal change in programme delivery to our most important customers- the students. Business as usual should therefore be a thing of the past. Join me to commend the Deans, Heads of Department and Academic Staff of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology and the Faculty of Art and Design for their dedication to the programme development process.

Teaching and Learning
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Technical Universities Act enjoins us to adopt CBT methodologies of Teaching. I am happy to report to Convocation that we have virtually trained all academic staff in this regard. Management in conjunction with the TVERC Centre held training workshops for academic staff to acquire certification as CBT Facilitators and Assessors. The training workshops were held from 8th – 9th April, 2019 and 15th – 17th April, 2019, and on 3rd June, 2019, at the Nkulenu Demonstration Restaurant of the University. Dr. Stephen Turkson, a representative of COTVET on the University Council was the key facilitator for the training workshops. The next step is to modernize our curriculum to reflect the CBT approach. We are the first to organize such a training to all our faculty and wish to commend participants for their dedication.

In order to boost teaching and learning at HTU, we have initiated steps to resource offices and classrooms with the needed teaching and learning equipment. We also intend to purchase more projectors, computers and related accessories in addition to other essential teaching and learning materials for Faculties and Departments of the University. Further, a Learning Management System has also been developed by the Computer Science Department to aid teaching and learning in the University. The system is currently undergoing testing for deployment.

19th Congregation Ceremony of Ho Technical University
The 19th Congregation Ceremony of Ho Technical University was held on Saturday, 30th March, 2019, in the G.M. Afeti Auditorium at which 1,290 graduands were awarded various degrees and Higher National Diplomas (HND). The congregation has been rated by our external guests as very well organized. The Guest Speaker for the occasion, Reverend Professor Emmanuel Adow Obeng, President of the Presbyterian University College, admonished us among other things to protect the image of the University, and be circumspect in handling internal matters of the University in the media. I therefore wish to remind and encourage all staff to heed to this piece of advice, seek first the welfare of the University, and all other things would follow suit accordingly.

Efforts towards Early Graduation of Students
Colleagues, as part of efforts to facilitate early graduation of the next batch of students of the University, faculty/academic staff have been requested to isolate and devote time in marking Final Year and Re-sit scripts (including Dissertations/Project Works) of students and submit same together with score sheets to their respective Heads of Department for script checking and verification by a special team of academic auditors. This arrangement has become necessary to comply with quality assurance standards demanded of the Institution by our Regulators. In view of this, the marked scripts (including Dissertations/Project Works) together with score sheets should be submitted to Heads of Department on or before Thursday, 20th June, 2019. I wish to use this opportunity to entreat Deans and Heads of Department and all faculty/academic staff to take note and kindly comply with this directive. Academic Audit team have been put in place to assure quality and it is my hope that Faculty would cooperate with the Teams to ensure a smooth exercise.

Provision of wider coverage of internet access to the University Community
Ladies and Gentlemen, plans are far advanced to improve the internet bandwidth and widen the coverage of internet access to all offices within the University community. The Directorate of ICT migrated from shared bandwidth to dedicated bandwidth to provide wider coverage of internet access to the University Community. The Directorate acquired an initial 5MB dedicated bandwidth in 2017 and upgraded it to 50MB which is currently operational. Although there a couple of bottlenecks, we are determined to ensure that this upgraded bandwidth will bring much improvement to the use of internet to support teaching and learning in the University.
Additionally, the Directorate of ICT in conjunction with students of the Department of Computer Science are embarking on networking some identified offices and Departments within the University that do not have Local Area Network. We are hopeful that the entire networking project would be completed this year to ensure that all offices and departments gain internet access through the Local Area Network (LAN) of the University.

Introduction of Computerized System For Industrial Attachment
Colleagues, the Directorate of ICT in collaboration with students and Lecturers of the Department of Computer Science have developed an Industrial Attachment Systems application called Intern App. The Intern App that automates the business processes of the Industrial Attachment will enable students access the system anytime and anywhere. Currently the Intern App has been deployed for use. It can be accessed through the University’s website:
( or through this URL (

Creation of Office of Gender and Special Needs
Colleagues, Management is in the process of creating the office of Gender and Special Needs in the University. The main objectives for which the Office is to be established is to offer specialized services to students and Staff in order to facilitate easy access, integration, retention and academic progression in the University. The Office of the Dean of Students Affairs has been requested to provide detailed statistics and further information on students with disability and special needs for immediate attention.
Indeed, education is a fundamental human right which must be effortlessly accessible to all individuals. Hopefully, the office should become operational by the beginning 2019/2020 academic Year.

Skills Initiative For Africa (SIFA) Project
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Skills Initiative for Africa (SIFA) which finances skills development projects in African countries is an initiative of the African Union Commission (AUC) supported by the German government to strengthen occupational prospects of young people in Africa. The current call for proposals is for the award of a grant amount of EUR 3 million to support large skills development investment projects by domestic training entities in partnership with companies under the following thematic areas:

  • Procurement of training equipment;
  • Construction, rehabilitation or expansion of learning infrastructure;
  • Training of trainers;
  • Curriculum design; and
  • Learner of scholarships.

In view of this, I wish to entreat faculty/academic staff of all Departments to put in the needed efforts to submit proposals for this call as part of efforts in securing external funds to propel the development and growth of the University at large.

I-WORK Project
The Improving Work Relaying Knowledge Opportunities (I-WORK) project which is being supported by the British Council, aims at improving the employment prospects of young people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds by piloting and introducing new approaches to employer led skills development is currently developing a national apprenticeship policy to be used at all levels of training within the country and beyond. I am happy to inform you that Ho Technical University is the only TU selected to participate in the development of the policy. This is another positive indication of our relevance, institutional standing, and visibility within the technical education terrain of the country and beyond.

Project with the Council of Ewe Associations of North America, Incorporated (CEANA)
The Council of Ewe Associations of North America, Incorporated (CEANA) has requested for technical assistance from faculty and students of the Department of Civil Engineering to construct a footbridge to link the Agordoe and Torve communities in the Akatsi South District of the Volta region. Plans are far advanced to see to the successful execution of the project. It is indeed heartwarming to note that the visibility of the University is attracting both local and foreign partnerships geared towards enhancing the livelihood of our people and nation at large. This project would also offer hands-on practical and technical skills to our Civil Engineering lecturers and students.

Applied Research Conference of Technical Universities and Polytechnics in Ghana
Colleagues, as you may be aware, Ho Technical University is hosting the Applied Research Conference of Technical Universities and Polytechnics in Ghana from 9th-10th September 2019 on the theme: "Positioning Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for Employability and Sustainable Development". To this end, a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the Conference has been constituted to ensure all activities and programmes for the conference are executed successfully. As academics, our life blood is research. I therefore wish to encourage faculty/academic staff to submit papers for publication. We should be able to receive at least two quality papers from each Department. The deadline for submission of papers was Friday 31st May, 2019 but I had discussions with the LOC Chairman to extend the deadline to June 30, 2019. I wish to commend the various sub-committees for their efforts so far.

TVET Innovation week in September, 2019
Colleagues, under the auspices Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer and the TVERC and with financial support of GIZ, Germany, Ho Technical University is organizing a TVET Innovation Week scheduled for 2nd – 6th September, 2019, at Ho Technical University. GIZ remains a key partner of the University and we look forward to the success of the TVET Innovation Week. I urge all staff to offer the needed assistance to support the success of the event. Deans of Faculty and Heads of department must show leadership for us to use this week celebration to show case the HTU as the Head Quarters of TVET in Ghana.

Launch of CIMG/GOIL student Leaderships Awards Scheme
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) and GOIL has instituted a Student Leadership Award Scheme in the University aimed at supporting innovation and entrepreneurship development of students of the University. The official launch of the CIMG-GOIL Student Leadership Award Scheme was held in March, 2019 in the G.M. Afeti Auditorium. The first batch of ward winners were presented with their awards amounting to Twenty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢20,000.00) received from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG) and GOIL.

Faculty Week Celebrations
The Faculty of Art and Design celebrated its Faculty Week dubbed “Art and Design Week 2019”. As part of the celebrations, there was an Art and Fashion awareness procession through the principal streets of Ho.

Under the auspices of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology, the Department of Computer Science organized an IT Week Programme. Some key activities which were undertaken during the IT Week include free systems repairs, and IT Systems Exhibition etc.

Also, the Food Science and Technology Department under the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology organized an open day for industry players, schools, farmers, students and other entrepreneurs on how to prepare for collaborations, partnerships and investments. The big event on that day was the pitching session for 8 finalists. The pitch was in three categories, idea stage, growing business and farmer support. All businesses pitched were related to improving agribusiness/food value chain. The participants were young persons who came from different parts of the country.

Likewise, under the auspices of the HTU Business School, the Department of Marketing held their 2019 Advertising Fiesta on 3rd May, 2019, in the G.M. Afeti Auditorium. The overall success of the event lends credence to the academic brilliance of our students and competence of our faculty at HTU.

Appointment of Key Officers
Colleagues, as you may be aware, the Governing Council per guidelines and provisions in the Ho Technical University Statutes, constituted Search Committees to search and recommend suitable candidates for appointment of Directors of Finance, Internal Audit, Works and Physical Development and Librarian following expiration of tenure of the former office holders. I wish to inform you that the Search Committees for Librarian and Director of Works and Physical Development have completed their work and submitted their report and recommendations to Council for further action. The search Committee for the Directors of Finance and Internal Audit will also submit its report to Council soon.

Similarly, the Governing Council constituted another Search Committee to recommend a suitable candidate for appointment of Registrar for Ho Technical University. The Committee has started its work and is expected to complete the assignment by the end of June, 2019.

New Appointments
Following the granting of study leave to Mr. Kofi Ashiboe Mensah, the Quality Assurance office became vacant. As a result, we have appointed Dr. Mexoese Nyatuame as the Acting Head until further notice. Similarly Rev. S.T.K. Dzokoto has been appointed to act as the University Chaplain in the absence of Rev. Fr. Sylvester Agbezuge who is currently on study leave.

Placement/Migration of Technical University Staff onto the Traditional University Salary Structure
Ladies and Gentlemen, following the receipt of the initial report on Staff Placement after an audit exercise conducted by NCTE, there has been expressions of dissatisfaction among staff of the Technical Universities. At the instance of the Conference of Vice-Chancellors and Rectors of Technical Universities and Polytechnics the Chairpersons of Councils, Vice-Chancellors, and Registrars of Technical Universities a meeting was held in Ho on Monday, April 1, 2019 to discuss concerns raised by staff and make recommendations for consideration in order to ensure stability on our campuses for a smooth transition and migration process.
Some of the major concerns raised by staff include the following:

  • Inconsistencies in placements
  • Limited transitional period and time for upgrading
  • Placement of Professional Staff
  • Non-placement of some staff designated as “Cannot be placed”
  • Queried promotions
  • Clarification on regular and irregular Masters degrees
  • Current rank/status versus entry qualifications
  • Lapses in the placement of qualified staff
  • Academic qualification versus professional qualification
  • Contradictions between NAB and NCTE on verification of certificates

Based on these concerns recommendations have been made to the NCTE and the Ministry. Nonetheless, Management has already initiated steps to provide opportunities and institutional support for affected persons to obtain research Masters and PhDs in China, KNUST, and other renowned Universities. We are also hopeful that the actual migration of staff onto the university salary structure would commence soon to minimize the agitations and anxieties of staff.


Provident Fund/Tier-3 for Staff of the University
Ladies and Gentlemen, as part of efforts to provide alternatives for some financial aid during retirement of a staff, a committee has been constituted to explore the possibility of instituting a Provident Fund/Tier-3 for staff of the University. We look forward to considering the report of the Committee for implementation.

Scheme Loan for Staff
Arrangements are far advanced to secure scheme loan facilities from some financial institutions at a more affordable rates for staff of the university. Members will be informed when the arrangements have been concluded.

Staff Training and Development
As part of efforts to improve staff and institutional effectiveness, Twenty-three (23) staff of the University have been granted study leave and various forms of sponsorship to pursue further studies since October 2018. Out of this number, ten (10) staff are pursuing PhD programmes, seven (7) staff are pursuing MPhil/MBA/Msc. programmes, and six (6) staff are pursuing BA/BSc/HND programmes.

Colleagues, a total of sixty-two (62) promotions have been made for various categories of staff from 1st October, 2018 to date. Out of this number, eleven (11) Senior Members (Academic Staff), Seven (7) Senior Members (Non-Academic Staff) and Forty-four (44) Senior and Junior Staff have been promoted to various grades in the University. This should serve as a source of encouragement to enable you all to continue working hard towards attainment of the goals of this University.

Contract Renewal of Senior Members
Members of Convocation, It is an established tradition and principle that Senior Members in Universities and higher education institutions are appointed based on specific terms of contract which may be renewed in line with the Statutes of that University. In our case Schedule E of our Statutes clearly spelt out the procedure as emanating from the applicant through his/her HOD through Dean/Faculty Board to the Registrar who is the Secretary to the UAPB. After the review of an applicant’s dossier and when the UAPB satisfies itself that the applicant has scored full marks the maximum contract term of three (3) years is granted. Shorter contract terms may be granted to applicants normally indicating certain conditions which the applicant could not meet and is expected to satisfy or work on and reapply. I urge Senior Members to appreciate what is required of them in the contract renewal process by re-examining their appointment letters/renewal letters and the statutes. The only way to escape periodic contract renewal is to work hard to be at the Professorial Rank. So when we require of you to publish, publish and publish in the Approved Journals and Publishing Houses, it is in your own interest because the key which unlocks the door to promotions is publications and the gate to the Professorial rank is publications.

As indicated earlier, HTU in complying with the National Accreditation Board and the NCTE approved list of Journals and Publishing Houses. Our moving forward for promotions is subject to getting our papers appear in these Journals or publishing houses in our various disciplines. Let me state without mincing words that there is no longer ‘business as usual’ because we are now measured through university lenses. It is gratifying to note that some of you have started publishing in these Journals and I wish to congratulate those colleagues for the good work and urge all academic Staff to emulate their examples.

Establishment of Printing and Photography Unit
Ladies and Gentlemen, a Printing and Photography Unit has been established in the University to handle or reprographic works of the University including printing of institutional paraphernalia, brochures, fliers, newsletters and other related activities. This would eliminate the high financial cost associated with outsourcing such projects to companies. The unit could become a model reprographic centre within the region to attract businesses from the general public and consequently become a revenue generation unit for the University if adequately resourced with the required modern equipment and skilled personnel. In view of this, we wish to indicate our full support to activities and efforts of the Unit in this regard.

Creation of New Offices in Adaklu Hall
As part of efforts to introduce a new Hall Management system in the University, the following arrangements have been made at Adaklu Hall:

  • Creation of office space for Hall Masters;
  • Creation of office space for Vice-Masters;
  • Creation of office space for Hall Administrator;
  • Creation of office space for Hall Accounts Officer;
  • Creation of space to serve as Common Room for Tutors, Fellows and Meetings;
  • Creation of space for Stores; and
  • Creation of office space for Hall Technical Staff.

Colleagues, Ho Technical University is working hard towards its vision to become a reputable Technical University nationally and internationally.

Our focus on internationalization and partnerships resulted in training and exchange programmes for Faculty, Staff and Students in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA. For instance, six (6) staff of HTU benefited in specific capacity building programmes at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany in September 2018. This year, eight (8) of our colleagues made up of five (5) faculty and 3 administrative officers returned to Ghana from the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (HSRW), Germany having benefited from such similar training and exposure in a typical Technical University environment in Germany.

Again, in partneship with the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences (HSHL), Germany, I travelled with the Dean of Faculty of Engineering to the Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences (HSHL), Germany, from 8th – 19th May, 2019, to deepen peer mentoring and consolidation of institutional collaboration between the two Universities under the NRW Partnerships for Supporting Technical Universities in Ghana project.

In the same vein, Dr. Christopher K. Amehoe, Registrar of Ho Technical University, and Dr. Charles Atombo, Dean of International Programmes and Institutional Linkages of the University visited China to engage with some credible Universities on establishment of collaborative partnerships and cooperation.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the prospects and benefits of these partnerships and institutional collaborations cannot be overemphasized and ought to be supported to enhance the fortunes and development of Ho Technical University. These exchange programmes are meant not only to expose beneficiaries to other cultures but also provide hands-on opportunities to deepen and sharpen their skills for the attainment of our mandate as a Technical University. It is therefore my hope that this partnership drive would inure to our benefit as staff and propel the growth and development of the University.

Colleagues, the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (HSRW), Germany has donated ten (10) CISCO access point devices, and one (1) switch to the University to help improve our internet connectivity issues. We have been assured of other donations during the course of the year.
Again, an alumnus of the Institution (Ho Technical Institute), Mr. Robert Dzekle Myles has donated several ICT equipment and computer accessories to the Department of Computer Science and the Directorate of ICT. The items include notebooks, CISCO wireless router/modem, printer toners, hard drives, switches, Lenovo ThinkPad laptop dock, and severs among many others.
Similarly, the 1999 HND Building Technology alumni led by Mr. Kirk Apawu donated assorted equipment and tools to the Building and Technology department to facilitate hands –on training of our students in the department. The tools donated include wheel barrows, head pans, shovels and spades.
Also, the Indian High Commissioner at the Regional Launch of the Volta Trade, Investment and Cultural Fair, held on Thursday, 11th April, 2019 at the G.M. Afeti Auditorium of our University donated assorted books to the University to support teaching and learning.
Ladies and Gentlemen, these acts of kindness deserve a lot of commendation and ought to be emulated as we seek to support the transformational agenda of the University. I am calling on alumni of HTU who are members of Convocation to stand and be counted in this regard.

Infrastructural and Facility Shortfalls
Ladies and Gentlemen, infrastructural and facility shortfalls at HTU need to be addressed to provide adequate classroom space and ultra-modern laboratories for intake of 2020 Senior High School (SHS) graduates under the Free SHS policy of government. The Free SHS policy of government which has boosted enrollment figures in Senior High Schools in Ghana, would ultimately lead to greater demand for teaching and learning space at tertiary institutions in the country of which Ho Technical University is of no exception. In view of this, we have submitted our needs and petitions to government for the completion of our GETFund projects in good time to provide adequate classroom space to accommodate the expected increase. Also, we have appealed to government for establishment of more laboratories to support teaching, learning, research and innovation in the University.

Water and Sanitation
Water and sanitation remain one of our key challenges. We have however resolved to put these challenges behind us by developing our own small water systems. Am happy to inform Convocation that we are working with Engineers from the Community Water and Sanitation to assist us build and operate our own water system. The Directorate of Works and Physical Development has been tasked to maintain the sanitation staff on duty throughout the day to keep our washrooms clean at all times.

Security Challenges
Issues of security especially the threat of terrorism in the West African sub region enjoins us to be on high alert and report any strange and suspicious characters to the head of security or the nearest police station. In this regard management has made special arrangements with the security agencies in the Region to pay special attention to HTU as a way of dealing with these threats should they occur.

Registrar, Members of Convocation, Vice-Chancellors come into office with unique leadership styles as well as challenges and to become a Vice-Chancellor is also not for the ‘weaklings’.

Colleagues, my Vision as the current Vice-Chancellor of Ho Technical University dovetails into the vision and mission of HTU, and is in tandem with the thematic areas of the 5-year Strategic Plan (2017-2022) of the University, to transform Ho Technical University into a reputable Technical University nationally and internationally.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my vision for HTU therefore is to provide leadership and support in the development of excellent academic environment in which Faculty, Staff and Students work together as a team to provide opportunities for success in Teaching/Learning, Research/Innovation and Community Service. Truly, the underlying principle of my vision is to enhance the reputation of the University and to ensure that graduates of Ho Technical University compare favourably with their counterparts worldwide. I will promote collegiality among faculty and Staff but mindful of the responsibility of the Vice-Chancellor as the Chief Disciplinarian.

In due course, I will present the key actions of my vision to convocation to be imbibed as share values needed for the forward match of HTU.

Protecting the Good Image of HTU
Ladies and Gentlemen, an institution’s most valuable asset is its good name, brand and global standing. Let us continue to project the image of our University in good light in all our endeavours.

Let me state without any iota of doubt that the future of the University looks bright. However, its successes and achievements could be attained and sustained if we unite, support each other and put our shoulders to the wheel to perform the required actions stipulated in the Strategic Plan in line with the stated thematic areas.
Undoubtedly, unity is key to growth and development of any establishment and society. I therefore entreat all staff to put aside their differences and work hard to support the growth and development of Ho Technical University.
Before I take my seat I have one commitment to make to you as your Vice Chancellor, that I will give opportunity to each one of you as allowable by the Act and Statutes to grow your career to the pinnacle. How each one of you treads your career path to the pinnacle however remains your responsibility.
Thank you.

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