The Dean of Faculty of Art and Design is Dr. Noble K.Dzegblor. The goal of the Faculty is to train highly skilled designers and technologists with focus on entrepreneurship, craftmanship and ingenuity in order to translate ideas into products and services.

Students and Staff embark on practical programmes to acquire academic and research experience through the connection of classroom to career-related skills in their respective study areas. Currently, the Faculty is collaborating with industry to establish School-Based-Enterprises (SBE) or production units to effectively apply skills learned in academic settings to performance in industry.

This exposes students to manufacturing techniques, emphasizing quality and how it impacts on the design of products. The identified potential enterprises include: modern garment production unit; analog and digital printing hubs, brick and tile unit in the University.

The Faculty consists of two Departments:

  • Fashion Design and Textiles
  • Industrial Art

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