Overview of the Department

The Department of Food Science & Technology (FST) was established in 2016, after it was carved out from the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

The Department is engaged in teaching undergraduate students, with emphasis on food safety, food product innovation, fruits and vegetables processing, milk processing, cereals processing, beverages and food quality, laboratory exercises among others, all in an attempt to upgrade the technical knowledge and skills of students.

Furthermore, the Department has researched into local Ghanaian foods and ingredients and has made a lot of headway in characterizing the nutritive values of several Ghanaian local delicacies. Currently, the FST Department runs a 3-year Higher National Diploma (HND) and 4-year Bachelor of Technology in Food Technology programmes, which have seen significant increases in enrolment.

The main purpose of the Department is to provide its students an integrated knowledge/skills through the interaction of several scientific fields, such as chemistry, engineering, microbiology, food production and management, processing technology and consumer issues, as well as entrepreneurship, in the frame of an interconnection between the Department and food industries.

Programme objectives:

  • To develop the skills of students in the fields of nutrition, and food science and technology to meet the human resource needs for the growing food and beverage industries.
  • To produce qualified food technologists for the food industries, teaching and research institutions.
  • To foster strong linkages between the Department, food industries and other teaching/research institutions to actively design and implement research programmes.
  • To preserve, process and manipulate agricultural produce to reduce post-harvest losses using appropriate handling and quality management.
  • To introduce cost effective, value-added, nutritious and shelf-stable food products for local consumption and export, as well as improving the existing traditional food  processing technologies, packaging, distribution and marketing of foods and food products.
  • To equip students with skills necessary for entrepreneurship and food industry management so that they could set-up their own businesses or with a little supervision.

Some of the courses offered in the Department include: Food processing and preservation, Food engineering, Food analysis, Food chemistry, Food microbiology, Nutrition, Quality assurance,Commodity processing, Postharvest technology, Food safety and quality control, Product development and sensory evaluation, Food packaging, among others.  

Meet our Staff 





Dr. Emmanuel  Letsyo

  • PhD. Food Chemistry (2017) Braunschweig, Germany.
  • MSc. Food Sc. & Tech. (2007), Kumasi
  • BSc. Food Sc. & Tech. (2002), Kumasi






*David Asante-Donyinah


  • MSc. Food Sc. (2010), Kumasi
  • BSc. Biochemistry (2005), Kumasi






*Courage Sedem Dzah


  • MSc. Agro Food Chain (2012), France
  • BSc. Food Sc. & Tech. (2009), Kumasi





Zeenatu Suglo Adams

  • MPhil. Food Sc. & Tech. (2016), Kumasi
  • BSc. Food Sc. & Tech. (2011), Kumasi





John Dzikunoo

  • MPhil. Food Science (2014), Legon
  • BSc.  Nutrition & Food Sc. ( 2010),Legon



 *PhD on-going 

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