The Department offers Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computer Science and Information Communication Technology. Additionally, it trains all students in the University (B.Tech and HND) to become computer literates for the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) driven global world. The Department has three (3) Computer Laboratories, two of which are used for teaching purposes while the third, a Digital Research Centre, is used strictly for research.

Aim and Objectives

The primary aim of the Department is to produce high calibre and results - oriented Computer Science and ICT graduates who have firm grips of practical techniques for the private and public sector organisations in the following areas:

  • Computer Programming
  • Data Communication and Network Administration
  • Computer Hardware
  • Web Technology
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Software Development
  • Database Systems


1 Carlos Ankora MSc. (Hunan, China), BSc. (Cape Coast) Lecturer / Ag.HOD
2 Makafui Nyamadi* MBA (Paris, France), BSc. (Accra), HND (Ho) Lecturer
3 Noble Kuadey MSc. (Trondheim, Norway), BSc. (Cape Coast) Lecturer
4 Kwame Simpe Ofori MSc. (India), BSc. (Accra) Lecturer
5 Emmanuel Ahiave MSc. (Kumasi), BEd. (Winneba) Lecturer
6 Lily Bensah MPhil. (Kumasi), BSc. (Ghana) Lecturer
7 Adolph Sedem Adu MSc. (Kumasi), BEd. (Cape Coast) Assist. Lecturer
8 Kafui Tsoeke Agbevanu MPhil., BSc. (Ghana) Assist. Lecturer
9 Asiedu Akwasi MSc., BSc. (Kumasi) Assist. Lecturer (Part-Time)
10 Mawuli Agbenorto MBA (India), BA. (Ghana) Asst. ICT Director (Part-Time)
11 Fati Tahiru MPhil. (Kumasi), BSc. (Cape Coast) Assist. Lecturer

* Phd Candidate

  In addition to the above, the Department has two (2) senior staff

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