The Department of Agro Enterprise Development is well resourced with eleven (11) competent and experienced faculty. It runs HND Agro Enterprise Development programme that is designed to train students to be self- employed and be part of a high quality employable workforce for the agricultural sector. The programme blends agricultural production of crops and animals of domestic and export importance, non- traditional agricultural products, business entrepreneurship, postharvest technology, farm machinery, environmental management and personal development planning to produce competence in the practice of agriculture as a business. The competency based training didactic approach is used in facilitating the programme. This would produce graduates who have the required experiential hands - on skills, knowledge, attitude, values and personality traits to afford sufficient confidence, motivation and capacity to start sustainable small- scale agro-based enterprises and related fields.


The HND Agro Enterprise Development programme provides sufficient training for students to develop and strengthen skills and knowledge in agriculture as a business.

  • Training students to plan, mobilise resources, implement and evaluate agricultural business enterprises.
  • Equipping students with agribusiness skills and knowledge for further educational advancement.
  • Preparing individuals for establishing careers in their chosen areas of specialization to live and work, especially, in rural farming communities.



 The Department has one Senior Technician and one Senior Administrative Assistant. 

1 Phanuel Y. Klogo MPhil. Crop Science(University of Ghana); Bsc. Agriculture (University of Ghana) Senior Lecturer/HOD
2 Kenneth F. Egbadzor (PhD) PhD (University of Ghana); MPhil. Crop Science(University of Ghana); Bsc. Agriculture(University of Ghana) Senior Lecturer
3 Grace Denny Doku MPhil. Agric Extension (University of Ghana);BEd.Agric Education (UEW);Dip. in Agric Education (UEW) Lecturer
4 Mawutor Glover MPhil. Agribusiness (University of Ghana); BSc. Agribusiness Management (Central Univ. College); Dip. in Agric Education (St.Andrews College) Lecturer
5 Samuel Yao Lissah MSc. Environmental Sc. (Wageningen Univ., Netherlands); BSc. Agric Extension (UCC); Dip. Agric Extension (UCC) Lecturer
6 John Kwami Titriku MSc. Int. Horticulture (Leibniz Univ. Hanover, Germany); BSc. Agriculture (KNUST) Lecturer
7 Etornam Kosi Anku Master of Global Food & Agric Business (Univ. of Adelaide, Australia); BSc. Agric Eng. (KNUST) Lecturer
8 Gerald Ahorbo MBA Finance (University of Ghana); BSc. Agric Eng. (KNUST) Lecturer
9 Joyce Obubuafo MSc. (Louisiana State University); BEd. Agriculture Education (UCC) Lecturer
10 Isaac Kojo Arah MSc. Agriculture (Univ. of New England); BSc. Agric Eng. (KNUST) Lecturer
11 Ernest Kodzo Kumah MPhil. Postharvest Technology (KNUST); BSc. Agriculture (University of Ghana) Lecturer
12 Henry Ayindoh Alagma MPhil. Animal Science (UDS); BSc. Agric. Technology (UDS) Assist. Lecturer


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