HIV and Reproductive Health Centre

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In pursuit of the vision and mission of Ho Technical University, it has crafted for itself an institutional policy in order to manage the threat and repercussions of HIV/AIDS. The disease has become a developmental issue not just a health issue. It affects the social, economic and psychological well-being of individuals and communities.

Tertiary institutions are vulnerable to the negative impact of HIV/AIDS on their core operations of management, teaching, research and community service.


The objectives of the policy adopted by the Technical University includes

  1. To ensure that there is a consistent and sustainable programme of information and education on HIV/AIDS within the Technical University community.
  2. To encourage attitudinal and behavioural change.
  3. To encourage voluntary counselling and testing among staff and students.
  4. To collaborate with stakeholders in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
  5. To reduce stigmatization and discrimination
  6. To ensure that the basic human rights of persons infected with HIV/AIDS are protected and upheld.

For more information kindly contact the HIV AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH UNIT of the Technical University.


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