Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer (CEIT)

Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer


Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer (CEIT) is one of the new centres  being established  under the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences to provide a proper nexus between applied research and industry in Ghana.  It intends to promote and facilitate technology transfer, school spinoff businesses, innovation, development of new products; offer consultancy and extension services;  and  foster good linkages between academic institutions and the  Ghanaian business community.


CEIT aspire to be a  leading centre of innovation and excellence, providing world-class entrepreneurship training, mentoring and technology transfer services for private sector and national development.


The Centre intend to undertake activities and offer services that will contribute to the development and promotion of private enterprises, innovation and the transfer of appropriate technology in its area of influence. CEIT  will also serve as an intermediary service centre for delivery of services on behalf of local and international organizations involved in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer services.


The goals of the Centre include the following:

  1. To promote the growth and development of  businesses in the entire country,
  2. To promote research, innovation and technology transfer to improve private sector performance,
  3. To promote school spinoff businesses and out-of-college entrepreneurshi

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