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Welcome to Entreprneurship and Innovation@HTU

In response to the charge by policymakers around the world on academic institutions to push for cultures that promote entrepreneurship, business proprietorship and new venture

creation, HTU has accepted the challenge and has been pushing and promoting innovation and entrepreneurial activities in its own small way.

All HTU students are offered entrepreneurship development course for at least two semesters. Our special bachelor of technology program in Technical Engineering Entrepreneurship,

which is specifically designed to support the youth with technology/engineering background become technical and/or business entrepreneurs is scheduled to commence in 2020/2021

academic year.

HTU is also proud to set up the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer (CEIT-HTU) and have established HTU Innovation and Business Incubator.

What we are trying to do at CEIT-HTU is to create a BIZ (Business and Innovation Zone) in the University.

The Centre is intently encouraging our students, staff and the youth in the University’s sphere of influence to innovate, turn their imaginations into reality and create businesses. We

earnestly wish as many as possible of our graduates, apprentices and other youth come and get businesses started from the BIZ and stay in the Region.

Stimulating innovation and entrepreneurial activities in this manner is one surest way the Region can develop.

The University therefore warmly welcomes creative entrepreneurs to come and take advantage of the smart tools and support services being created in the BIZ to start, manage and

scale up their businesses.

Harrison Paul Adjimah
(Coordinator, CEIT-HTU)


Promoting enterprise development, innovations and technology transfer

8 Start ups and Spinout Businesses in just a year from the Incubator

• Over 20 innovations and new products at various stages of commercialization

• 2 Patent applications in one year

• Digital Boost Training providing training and direct support for SMEs to go online and become more efficient and greener

• htumarket.com, connecting millions of people and enabling businesses in Ho area sell online

• DeliverIn Ho: Prototype Delivery System; helping businesses deliver orders timeously and efficiently.


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Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Transfer (CEIT) is one of the new centres being established under the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences to provide a

proper nexus between applied research and industry in Ghana. It intends to promote and facilitate technology transfer, school spinoff businesses, innovation, development of new

products; offer consultancy and extension services; and foster good linkages between academic institutions and the Ghanaian business community.

CEIT aspire to be a leading centre of innovation and excellence, providing world-class entrepreneurship training, mentoring and technology transfer services for private sector and

national development.

The Centre intend to undertake activities and offer services that will contribute to the development and promotion of private enterprises, innovation and the transfer of appropriate

technology in its area of influence. CEIT will also serve as an intermediary service centre for delivery of services on behalf of local and international organizations involved in

entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer services.

The goals of the Centre include the following:

  1. To promote the growth and development of businesses in the entire country,

  2. To promote research, innovation and technology transfer to improve private sector performance,

  3. To promote school spinoff businesses and out-of-college entrepreneurship

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